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Krug Fashion is a brand that is based and made in Sicily, Italy. It was created and opened in 2018 by Nicola Krug, a Canadian designer, who was and born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. During her stint as a dancer on a cruise ship, she met the love of her life, an Italian officer from Pozzallo, Sicily, Italy. This lead her to move to this beautiful island, where she completed a 3 year fashion design degree at the Istituto di Moda Burgo di Lucia lacognata, before graduating in Milan. She then took on an internship, and was hired at Freda’s in Toronto, Canada, an amazing fashion house right in the heart of the city. Realizing her need to see her husband more often, she moved back to Sicily, where she embarked on this beautiful fashion journey.

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Krug Fashion is a brand for everyone. We design for every woman, no matter what her measurements might be. We create custom-made looks that fit everyone’s needs for any occasion. We design and create with you, the customer, allowing you to realize your visions and the look of your dreams. Our mission is to make all our clients feel empowered and confident to know that they will stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons. 


Our versatile approach enables us to adapt to all of our client’s requests and needs, and allows us the possibility to design and create anything from a bathing suit to a wedding dress for you. You can choose from one or more of the designs in our collections or modify them to your liking. We can also start from scratch and design something that reflects and expresses your ideas. Our designs are linear or asymmetrical, but always flattering to any size or shape, using more than one textile to give the garment interest and texture. We adore a monochrome look but our true love lies is in mixing patterns and prints. 


When you choose Krug Fashion, you are choosing a made-to-measure, handcrafted look, that is fashioned with you every step of the way.  Now that’s amore! 

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